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E-mail: service@warranty.ru


For private clients:

Our 1st office address:
127106, Moscow, Gostinichniy proezd, 6, block 2, entrance 2.
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Our 2nd office address:
127599, Moscow, Businovskaya Gorka, 1"А"
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Commercial offer

«Warranty.ru» Ltd. offers collaboration for corporate clients and manufacturers. Possessing many years' experience in servicing and repairing component parts of computers and notebooks and having at our disposal the most modern equipment we can offer high-quality service, diagnostics and repair of your computer component parts. Working with us you will never have to look for a better service center, worry about equipment delivery, and desperately look for spare parts. You will always be satisfied with the quality of our service and repair. Different companies have different needs for servicing and repairing. Number of computers, technologies implemented and the size of the entire client-company are the factors of the individual approach we use for every client of our company.

Service agreement may include:

  • Regular equipment tests;
  • All kinds of office equipment malfunction repair;
  • Computers repair and equipment setup;
  • Consulting service for your company staff (including the one at your premises);
  • Routine maintenance (disk and file system maintenance, deleting temporary and old file copies);
  • Periodical service maintenance of office equipment;
  • Client’s equipment upgrade, purchase and delivery of computers, office equipment, consumables and computer component parts;
  • Customer’s equipment upgrade;

Warranty.ru advantages:

  • The price of contractual service subscription of computers and equipment is significantly lower, than the total cost of all one-time repairs throughout the year and is reasonably more profitable than having a repair specialist on staff.
  • Tariff options for service subscription depend on the number of computers: there more the number of computers is the less the price for service subscription will be.
  • Discountsfor permanent clients that signed the computer service subscription agreement;
  • Flexible approach to our clients, a wide range of servicing schemes, client-based approach;
  • High standards of maintaining your equipment in a stable state;
  • Providing high performance of your computer network;
  • High controllability of the entire IT-system;
  • Significant decrease of maintenance costs;
  • Personal manager is always ready to assist you.
  • Around-the-clock   high-quality technical support service . over the phone, e-mail, ICQ or MSN .Our technical support is more reliable than having a technical consultant on staff as we will never retire, get ill or leave for summer vocation.
  • High-quality engineering experts and IT-specialists, having all necessary knowledge and experience.
  • «Warranty.ru» has at its disposal the entire range of professional testing and repairing equipment and modern certified software;
  • We always provide a wide range of components and spare parts available online and to order;
  • You can always get support from our permanent customers such as ASBISс Enterprises Plc., Alies, etc..


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