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E-mail: service@warranty.ru


For private clients:

Our 1st office address:
127106, Moscow, Gostinichniy proezd, 6, block 2, entrance 2.
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Our 2nd office address:
127599, Moscow, Businovskaya Gorka, 1"А"
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For our partners

Warranty.ru offers cooperation for computer equipment manufacturers  and copropate clients,  who need  warranty and post-warranty service of a range of computer equipment.

Having many years' experience in servicing and repairing component parts of computers and notebooks and having at our disposal the most modern equipment we can offer high-quality service, diagnostics and repair of your computer component parts. We are ready to offer you a long-term warranty and service support agreement. Working with us you will never have to look for a better service center, worry about equipment delivery, and look for spare parts. You will always be satisfied with the quality of our service and repair.

Main types of serviced components:


For our partners:

  • Computers;
  • Notebooks;
  • Monitors;
  • HDDs;
  • CPUs;
  • Memory modules;
  • Motherboards;
  • Video-cards;
  • Network and communication equipment;
  • Peripheral equipment.


Basic service types:

  • Warranty repair;
  • Post-warranty service;
  • Service support;
  • Contractual servicing;
  • Lost data recovery;
  • Computer and software diagnostics;
  • Servicing at the client’s premises